Protecting your IP is at the heart of what we do

At Ironside McDonald, we focus on making the complex simple.  We provide strategic IP advice with customisable solutions to help you confidently grow your business.

Our extensive expertise covers an expansive range of industries and global markets. We craft tailored, cutting-edge IP solutions and innovation strategies that create value to ensure you stay ahead of the game.


IP Services at Ironside McDonald

Our experience allows us to work fast and smart. As a result, we provide cost-effective solutions for our clients. We know the issues you are likely to face and the most effective way to get around these, while protecting your IP assets, minimizing your risk and maximizing your results. We pride ourselves on delivering a highly personalised service. By doing so, you get the best value for money. We will always be upfront and honest with our advice and thrive on a good challenge!

Trade mark clearance searches

With over 40 years combined experience in brand protection we can offer you comprehensive strategies in searching, filing and registration your trade marks in New Zealand, Australia and around the globe.

Through our experience, ongoing education and our global reach we can help you keep on top of market trends and areas of concern to ensure you maintain protection over what sets you apart

Watching briefs and competitor analysis

Once a trade mark has been filed it is in the public domain.  A good way to keep on track of one competitor, or many, is to develop specific watches around your goods and/or services of interest.

Monitoring the marketplace can include a monthly search on one competitor or details of all the different trade marks filed in a country in your industry of concern

Trade mark filing strategies

The average consumer sees up to 10,000 brand messages a day. That’s why it’s vital that your brand and trade mark are represented well and are fully protected in today’s competitive market.

Our team works alongside you to develop a tailored brand and trade mark protection strategy that leverages your IP advantage to create an asset that you can be proud of. We offer a full service including advice on the scope of the protection your brand requires, clearance searches in the market(s) of interest, protection of all important elements and the development of an enforcement strategy



Trade mark Prosecution, Opposition and Revocations

Have you come across issues with the examination of your trade mark?  Or have you seen another trade mark filed or registered that you would like to oppose?

Our experience covers a vast range of issues faced during prosecution, oppositions and revocation.  Through this we can offer you strategies to get you through.


Border Protection

A registered trade mark or copyright owner can file a border enforcement notice with either the Australia or New Zealand customs authorities.

Once in place this notice allows Customs to retain potentially counterfeit products.  There are tight timeframes involved with border protection.  If of interest we recommend you contact us for a further discussion.


Pacific Island Protection

At Ironside McDonald we have experience in protecting your trade marks throughout the Pacific Islands.

We can assist with trade mark protection or cautionary notices, dependent on the country of interest.

Parallel Imports

Do you wish to import a genuine product from overseas for sale on the Australian or New Zealand marketplace?

There may be some additional rules and regulations that you need to follow to ensure you are not infringing the New Zealand owners IP rights.

Digital IP Protection

In a digital world your brand can quickly grow from being a local market brand to being available across the global.  Digital IP protection is growing more and more valuable to a firm.

Whether it be advice on social media use, domain name registrations or retrievals, through our years of combined knowledge we can give you the guidance to secure your digital IP protection.

Portfolio Management

Managing an existing IP portfolio can take time and energy away from other more important aspects of your business.

At Ironside McDonald Intellectual Property, we draw on our collective experience (over 40 years between us) and make it easy for you by seamlessly managing your portfolio and putting a comprehensive system in place to monitor deadlines, renewal dates, non-use dates etc.

Franchising / Licensing

Franchising or Licensing your product can be a confusing time.  We can discuss the differences between giving someone a license to use the mark overseas or whether a franchise business model would be more important to your business.

Using our experience and network of experts we can help set you in the right direction.


Copyright exists in anything artistic and exists from when the artistic item was made.  However, some overseas countries allow for copyright registration, such as China and the United States.

We can provide advice on whether you should look at copyright registration, or if not relevant to you we can provide advice on using copyright statements in the right places to act as a deterrent to other people.

Patent and Designs

As registered Patent Attorneys, we believe that any patent and/or design should also have input from experts or those with a technical background in the relevant field of interest.

Because of this, we leverage our network of highly qualified experts to provide you with the highest level of advice and protection for your idea, product or service.

IP Education

Our team regularly provides educational sessions to businesses, industry groups and universities to help build a better understanding of IP.